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Supplier Sustainability Policy

Lear believes that how we operate as a company, and as individuals, is based on our core value to Get Results the Right Way. This leads our customers and business partners to do business with us, our shareholders to invest in us, our external stakeholders to respect us, and the best talent to join us in working for Lear. 

We consider a strong relationship with our suppliers to be key to ensuring our mutual success. This Supplier Sustainability Policy (the “Policy”) identifies certain of our expectations of our suppliers to be followed in their business dealings with Lear. 

This Policy applies to any third party that provides goods or services to Lear, including but not limited to production parts and materials as well as their subcontractors. Further information regarding our requirements and standards for our suppliers are outlined in the Global Requirements Manual and Code of Conduct for Suppliers. 

Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

Lear conducts business with integrity and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. A commitment to integrity is critical to how we conduct business and maintain our outstanding reputation in the communities in which we do business. Suppliers are expected to understand and comply with Lear’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, and demonstrate the highest standard of integrity and ethical conduct in all business activities.

Legal Compliance

Lear is committed to complying with all applicable legal requirements. Suppliers are expected to comply with all applicable legal requirements and prevent incidents or conditions that might result in a violation of law. This includes, without limitation, that all purchased materials used in manufacture of goods satisfy current governmental and safety constraints on restricted, toxic and hazardous materials, as well as environmental, electrical and electromagnetic considerations applicable to the country of manufacture and sale. 

Preventing Bribery and Corruption

Lear conducts business ethically throughout the world. Lear prohibits suppliers from giving or promising to give anything of value to any third party for the purpose of obtaining or retaining business, or to otherwise induce them to act improperly. Suppliers must conduct business with integrity and in full compliance with all applicable laws pertaining to bribery and corruption. 

Human Rights and Working Conditions

Be Inclusive. Be Inventive. Get Results the Right Way. These are Lear Corporation’s core values and the foundation of our long-term success. As part of our commitment To Get Results the Right Way, we support and promote human rights throughout our operations, our communities in which we operate, and our global supply chain. We also embrace the international human rights principles expressed in the following conventions: 

Lear’s Human Rights Policy outlines our social responsibility principles and respect for human dignity, including with respect to topics such as collective bargaining and the freedom of association, as well as prohibitions of child labor, forced labor, modern slavery and human trafficking. We expect our suppliers to develop their own policies that aligns with Lear’s Policy. 

Further, providing safe working conditions is one of our highest priorities with respect to human health and welfare. Suppliers shall comply with health and safety management system international standards (e.g. ISO 45001 or equivalent). Suppliers are expected to share Lear’s commitments by developing and implementing their own programs focused on worker safety and well-being. See Lear’s EHSS Policy

Responsible Sourcing of Materials and Product Sustainability

We source responsibly and take steps to ensure that materials used in our products do not directly or indirectly provide funding to conflicts or human rights abuses. We expect the same from our suppliers. 

We require our suppliers to comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding ethical material sourcing, including those with respect to raw materials and production processes. 

Lear recognizes the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and the value of Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC) of indigenous peoples for property or land negotiations. No form of land grabbing is allowed. 

We expect our suppliers to adopt best practices not only limited to production processes and securing the supply of materials and components, but also addressing environmental, social, and product safety aspects. See the Responsible Materials Sourcing Policy and Lear Quality Policy

Animal Welfare

Lear’s commitment to the highest standards for ethical behavior extends to the treatment of animals. We require compliance with all legal requirements, as applicable, and we expect our suppliers to implement industry-leading policies and practices related to the ethical treatment of animals. Lear supports and expects its suppliers to promote a belief in the humane treatment of animals, including freedom from thirst and hunger, freedom from discomfort, pain, injury and disease, freedom to express normal behavior, and freedom from fear and distress. 

Environmental Sustainability

Lear’s definition of sustainability is "meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs." This means being aware of our impact and understanding how this affects the world around us. Our mission is to reduce our impact while increasing the profitability and longevity of our company. 

We expect our suppliers to support Lear’s environmental sustainability goals by complying with all applicable environmental laws, rules and regulations while also using resources wisely. Suppliers must comply with and be certified to all applicable environmental management system international standards. (e.g. ISO 14001 or equivalent). Suppliers are expected to align with Lear’s commitments by developing and implementing their own environmental sustainability program focused on conservation of natural resources, including but not limited to: 

  • Carbon Reduction 
  • Energy Efficiency 
  • Reduced Water Usage 
  • Air Quality Improvement 
  • Recyclability and Waste Reduction 
  • Hazardous Material and Chemical Management and Control 
  • Protecting Biodiversity 
  • Employee and Supplier Training 

See Lear’s EHSS Policy and No Deforestation Policy

Implementation of Sustainability Standards in the Supply Chain

Lear suppliers and all their subcontractors must abide by the requirements of this Policy, including identifying risks within their supply chains and taking appropriate measures to address them. 

Audit and Corrective Action Process

Lear reserves the right to conduct audits to ensure compliance with these requirements and also to take appropriate measures, including discontinuing any relationship with a supplier, should the supplier violate, fail to correct, or have a pattern of violating this Policy. Suppliers are required to cooperate with Lear’s direct audit or through a third-party auditing firm utilized by Lear. 

Compliance, Monitoring and Reporting

We comply with all applicable legal requirements and work to prevent incidents or conditions that might result in a violation of law. We monitor our operations and our suppliers for potential violations and take action if violations occur, up to and including termination of employment or contract. 

We have established a process for reporting concerns about any potential human rights or business risks through a Compliance and Ethics Hotline. Employees, suppliers, and business partners can make anonymous reports in their respective language via a toll-free phone call, e-mail, online website or regular mail. Lear requires its suppliers to make this reporting resource available to its employees and upstream supply chain, with consideration for individuals with limited access and disabilities. 

We have a strong anti-retaliation policy and will not tolerate retaliation against anyone who in good faith raises a concern, reports misconduct or participates in an investigation. 

We report our actions and engagement with suppliers in our Annual Sustainability Report. We also publish on our website our values, principles, policies, and practices that this Policy reinforces.