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Code of Business Conduct and Ethics & Reporting Concerns

Code of Business Conduct and Ethics & Reporting Concerns

Lear's Code of Business Conduct & Ethics

A Message from Our Leaders

Getting Results the Right Way is one of our core values. It means showing respect, making sound decisions, and always acting with integrity—whether working with our teammates, customers, suppliers, investors, or communities. Our Code of Business Conduct & Ethics helps us make better decisions.

We have updated our Code to make it easier to understand and apply to our everyday work experiences. Every section of the Code is organized the same way:

A clear and simple statement of how we Get Results the Right Way

Real -world situations taken from employee experiences, showing correct and incorrect responses

While the Code covers many topics, it does not cover every situation. For more information, follow the links in the guideposts. If you need advice, please talk to your manager, the Legal Department, Human Resources, or Ethics & Compliance.

Please join us in making a commitment to uphold our Code. Get to know it. Act with integrity and demonstrate ethical conduct in everything you do. If you have a question or concern, please speak up!

Thank you for all you do to make better decisions and Get Results the Right Way every day.

Reporting Concerns

Lear implemented an Ethics & Compliance Helpline to allow for anonymous reporting. The purpose of the Helpline is to solicit reports of potential violations of our Code of Business Conduct & Ethics and/or potential violations of applicable laws and regulations.

Employees, customers, suppliers, and community members can report concerns regarding potential violations of our Code of Business Conduct & Ethics.

Reports can be made using one of the following Reporting Methods:
• Calling the Toll-Free Ethics & Compliance Helpline available 24/7
• Completing an Online Webform
• Emailing compliance@lear.com
• Reports can also be mailed directly to Lear’s Chief Compliance Officer at 21557 Telegraph Rd, Southfield, MI 48033.


Anti-Retaliation Policy

Your choice to come forward is protected by Lear’s Anti-Retaliation Policy. Please find our Anti-Retaliation policy below for more details.