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April 1, 2022

2 best baccarat strategies

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Golden Eagle

Golden Eagle Baccarat formula can actually be used like Golden Eagle or Golden Eagle, created by Ree Chang, a genius statistics that combine many experiences. Use his stats and gambling skills with hours of research to perfect his strategy. Rechang has created a different betting strategy and has achieved immense success. His high-level approach can be applied to games such as Baccarat, Blackjack and Golden Eagle Roulette.

practical That is not difficult to use the baccarat gambling system. Professional gamblers all over the world use this formula to win at baccarat. Baccarat players know the Golden Eagle as one of the methods. The most accurate baccarat formula This particular strategy involves revolving bets between both the player and the dealer. Based on the results of the previous few hands.

Baccarat formula that really works This was accomplished because of the patterns and streaks that occur during baccarat games. The Golden Eagle strategy has low buy-in and bank requirements. There are also two different gameplay modes. (Proactive and Defensive) The 14-page Golden Eagle is fun to play and easy to learn. Most veteran baccarat players can understand it in about an hour or two.

This best selling baccarat strategy is worth while for educational purposes. Baccarat betflix players of any level can
Understanding the plan is very quick and easy. It is a real baccarat formula that is popular all over the world. It can also make gamblers more entertained with the game.

Silver Tiger

The most accurate baccarat formula with the Silver Tiger formula or the Silver Tiger that is as popular as the Golden Eagle. This is another recipe developed by Ri Chang that has users all over the world. It has also been accepted by the maestro that it really works. Silver Tiger is a more successful baccarat system than Golden Eagle and gamblers all over the world still use this formula to make

money. Silver Tiger was designed to win. More than Golden Eagle, gamblers can beat bigger casinos with Silver Tiger Baccarat Tactics. Silver Tiger system wins even bigger championships. And it’s faster than Golden Eagle.

Therefore, it is a more frenzied baccarat system. This strategy has unique betting sequences and betting propositions. This Baccarat Strategy Has Low Buy-In and Bank Demand Combining a simple exit strategy that will lock in BIG wins, the Silver Tiger strategy is easy to learn. Any player can master the strategy

within an hour or two. It will help all players to win the championship faster. It is a real Baccarat formula that can make high money and can earn money quickly. which these pro gamblers use a lot

Baccarat formula actually works, there are not only these 2 formulas, but there are also many other formulas that can make excellent profits. Guaranteed by the voices of gamblers all over the world who use the money tiger tactics. including golden eagles It is a strategy and a baccarat formula that has been very popular as well. Baccarat formula that really works How to Baccarat Like a Pro There are many

more popular ones like Martingale 1-3-2-4 and 1-3-2-6 that are popular for playing baccarat as well. But the profit and return are not as high as money tiger plan and the golden eagle that we put together which these gamblers can go to understand and learn to make a profit

December 2, 2021

Why Baccarat is a must-play game

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Why Baccarat is a must-play game

for the fun of Baccarat betting It is a popular gambling game that everyone loves. The reasons are as follows:

• Fast and easy to play. It’s an easy game to play. There is no redundant game style. Because of the popularity of playing in the casino, whether it is a new player or a gambling expert, they are very popular to use. Because it is a game that can be played and earns money quickly. Each betting round doesn’t take long. Makes each gamble has a chance of making money more easily.

• Can choose to place many types of bets. Of course, the selection of bets is not only the dealer or the player. There are still many types to choose from. Make each gamble choose to place bets as needed. This is another option if anyone wants to join in the fun and make money fast.

• The layout is very attractive. Because it is similar to a bounce card game. Making each gamble have the opportunity of betting, focusing on making easy money, everyone is often the top game that many people choose to use very much.

Techniques for playing baccarat without losing

For playing baccarat not to lose even if it is a newbie Play Web There should be techniques to play as follows:

  • Before playing every time, it is necessary to be very careful before betting Because each time gambling is not difficult to bet. Every opportunity of gambling is right. But to play to achieve the goal of making money is to control yourself to achieve the desired success. It is better to use mindfulness to help you make decisions than to combine feelings or emotions.• Know how to use formulas. In order to gamble well, there must be a little tactic. To achieve success in every playThe fun of baccarat It is considered a game that anyone can play, but it is easy to make profits. Everything requires mindfulness and accurate decision making. because the gameplay is not difficult There is a chance of making money very easy if you can set a principled gambling style with every investment

September 18, 2021

Baccarat formula to make you rich, rich, rich,

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The principle of playing online baccarat games to get rich There is a simple principle, which is to use the baccarat formula to help in betting. Because the format of the Baccarat card that comes out has the main card layout. easily recognizable Let the gambler go and study how to look at the baccarat card first. because the layout of the cards has

changed alternately, there is no Which the use of the money-to-bet formula allows us to win the game of Baccarat easier. Even if you lose 4 – 5 bets, you can win all the money back with 5 formulas to make money in the game of Baccarat bring you rich as follows:

1. Super Martingale formula, 1 2 4 8 16

the Martingale style is a rollover. When losing bets like 1 2 4 8 16 units, it may take a lot of money, so it’s suitable for bettors with a thick capital of about 50 – 100 units.

2. Super Martingale money walk formula 1 3 7 15 31

The formula to make the bet compound when losing by walking in the pattern 1 3 7 15 31 may require a bit thick capital. But if this formula will work well, bettors must have a capital of not less than 100 units.

3. Betting formula, Winning Martingale
compound money only when winning. If you lose, it starts at 1 unit like a bet. If the bet wins 1 2 4 8 16 and so on until it loses, but should aim for 4 – 5 wins, there is a probability of winning in a row. But if we lose, we won’t lose much. Because we take the profit that has come to compound the bet itself.

4. Fixed Betting formula 101

Betting formula of low budget people. Because always bet 1 unit by relying on winning often. For profit itself.

5. Betting, Baccarat formula 1 3 2 4

this formula is commonly used in pairs with the dragon card that wins on one side in multiple eyes by walking the money according to steps 1 3 2 4 units. End the game, change the room. or wait for the moment to play again If losing, start counting 1 again.

September 16, 2021

Learn how to play baccarat correctly,

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10 popular online card playing techniques,

learn how to play baccarat correctly, important things that gamblers should know before playing for real

learning how to play baccarat is very necessary For those who want to gamble with games Baccarat online for how to play baccarat That will use the principle of counting points like playing Pok 8 Pok 9, a card game that Thai people are popular and familiar with as well. By baccarat, this method of playing is betting on the cards of 2 sides,

namely the banker side, called Banker. And the player’s side, called Player, will then deal 2 cards to each side (but not more than 3 cards). The result of losing or winning will look at the total points of both cards. Which side has more points will be the winner. The highest point of Baccarat cards is 9 points. How to play Baccarat The correct rules and regulations are as follows:

Choose a side to bet Whether to bet on Banker or Player, with the following betting formats:

• Player predicts that the total card points of the Player side will be the winner, payout ratio 1 : 1

• Banker predicts that the total card points of the Banker side will win. Odds Pays 1: 0.95

• Tie Game Predict whether the total of both sides will draw a tie, pay rate 1: 8

• Player Pair Predict that the first two cards of the Player’s side will be dealt a pair, payout ratio 1: 11

• Banker Pair predicts the card. The first two cards of the Banker side will issue a pair of cards, payout ratio 1: 11

• By the way of playing baccarat, when logging in to the baccarat game page, then Let the players choose the baccarat table they want to play. which has a variety of baccarat tables to choose from together

• Players have to choose which bets to bet on. In each game round, there will be 25 seconds to place bets. When the timer expires, additional bets cannot be placed.

• The dealer will deal 2 cards to each side (but not more than 3 cards) by Baccarat. The 1st and 3rd cards will be dealt to the Player side. Baccarat cards 2 and 4 will be dealt to the Banker side (if either side needs a 3rd card, must comply with the 3rd card draw rules). The cards are always dealt face up. Which side has more total points will be the winner.

• Players can choose to place bets ranging from 50 baht to 50,000 baht.

• To play online baccarat games. There will be a baccarat statistics table for players to see. to make a decision The statistical tables are saved out of all the games

• When the dealer showdown. Will show the results of the card’s output on the game screen. And there will be an immediate win and loss result.

Meaning of online baccarat card points

  • The points of each Baccarat card are meaningful according to the numbers shown on the face of the cards as follows: Card 2 = 2 points, Card 3 = 3 points, Card 4 = 4 points, Card 5 = 5 points, Card 6 = 6 points. , Card 7 = 7 Points , Card 8 = 8 Points , Card 9 = 9 Points

    • Except for some cards that have different meanings as follows: Card 10 = 0 points , Card A = 1 point , Card J , Q , K = 0 points

    scoring Baccarat. online baccarat

    how to play baccarat Will bring the points of the 2 Baccarat cards to add together (In the event of a 3rd card drawn, the counting points will bring the points of all 3 cards together) with the Baccarat card point being the last digit of the total. For example
    • first card is 5, second card is 7, sum of both cards is 5 + 7 = 12, this card’s value will be 2

    • first card is 7, second card is A, total of both cards is 7 + 1 = 8, the point of this card is 8.

    • The first card is K, the second card is J, the third card is 8. The sum of the three cards is 0 + 0 + 8 = 8, the value of this

    card is 8. Natural Card : How to Play Ba Kara The object of play is to score an 8 or 9. The natural card of Baccarat online is A card whose value is 8 or 9.

    Rules for drawing the 3rd card of the Player side: It is a consideration whether the Player side should draw a 3rd card or not.

    • If the Banker side has a score less than 2, it will Draw a third card immediately

    • Banker’s side has a point greater than 3 points, there will be rules for drawing cards to control as follows:

    • If Banker’s side has 3 points and Player’s 3rd card has 8 sides Banker does not need to draw more

    • If Banker’s side gets 4 points and Player’s 3rd card gets 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, Banker’s side must draw more.

    • If Banker’s side gets 5 points and Player’s 3rd card gets 4, 5, 6, 7, Banker’s side must draw more

    • If Banker’s side gets 6 points and Player’s 3rd card gets 6. , 7 Banker side must draw more

    • If the banker side has 7 points, no need to draw more

    Baccarat table rules

    • 5% deduction : How to play Baccarat, this 5% deduction, if the player chooses to bet on the banker side Banker and the result came out winning. The winnings will be charged 5% commission. Place a bet on the Banker side of 100 baht and win, you will receive a prize of only 95 baht, but if you bet on the Player side of 100 baht and the Player wins, you will receive a full 100 baht.

    • without commission: how to play baccarat without commission, if the player chooses to bet on the Banker side, then Banker wins at 6 points, will receive only half the prize money (50%), but if winning with other points will get money full reward for example If bet on Banker 100 baht and the result is Banker 6 points, Player 2 points, it will be

seen that Banker wins at 6 points, the player will receive a prize of 50 baht, but if the result is Banker 7 points, Player gets 4 points, Player will receive a prize money of 100 baht

September 14, 2021

What you need to know about Baccarat

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Baccarat is very popular in casinos because baccarat is a simple game. How to play it is similar to “Bounce cards” and use low stakes. This is a game that can’t be beat at all. If you play without a strategy or strategy to play. If you like playing cards but have never played baccarat before. I recommend you to follow this. Here’s what we need to know about how to play the game. before starting to play for the first time

Popular mini baccarat version

Baccarat is one of the oldest casino games in existence. Even though it’s been a long time But the popularity of playing Baraka continues to increase steadily. Because of the popular casinos in Las Vegas and Singapore. Most people like to play mini baccarat, which is a game that is slightly different from the classic version of baccarat. Mini

Baccarat is played on smaller tables. can try to get up to 7 players and vice versa with that classic baccarat It can try to accept up to 12-14 people. Another difference is that mini baccarat does not allow players to manipulate or draw their own cards, this action may make the fun disappear for the players. someone But mini baccarat is popular due

to using lower stakes than normal baccarat. To play mini baccarat, you can dress casually without having to dress very formally. It was once a game for the rich and the elite. With low bets and no dress code of the casino.

how to play baccarat

Beginners can receive baccarat cards right away. Because the game has only 3 types of bets. which are as follows

Banker Betting

Player Betting

Betting on a tie between the Player and the Banker

You will see the player’s circle symbol. dealer’s circle Areas of Tie Betting and baccarat online circle which in that table The Player bet circle is closest to the Player. The dealer’s circle is in the middle. And the area of ​​the tie result bet is close to the dealer. The table of online baccarat has a different format. which will look bigger because you

are the only player in any case To play the game you have to place bets on the circle. Whether betting on the player side or the banker side There will be a payout ratio of 1:1 on your bet. Tie bets have payout odds of 8:1 or 9:1 because they are less likely to occur.

Most players do not bet on a tie at the start of a house edge or a high house edge statistic. This means that you only have to bet on one side.

September 8, 2021

6×2 formula the ultimate formula

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Baccarat formula: 6×2 formula, the ultimate formula for making hundreds of thousands of money every day.

This Baccarat formula was inspired by 3×4 that is difficult to play. Let’s manage to suit the original deposit at It is a style of walking up the money at the right time. By using the original currency used in the 3×4 formula as shown in the picture above as a deposit It’s not difficult to run the formula for being upped money to be doubled in a

row. Doing it consistently is also not easy. I must not forget that the formula has Chances are different in every formula. But a good formula emphasizes that it must give players more chances than lose.

This Baccarat Formula Mr. Hua has been playing for quite some time. He can definitely play more than lose because he invested only 13400 baht. Now he took his own capital and left 15,000 profit. baht is ready to continue making profits If we don’t go out of the formula, I think it will continue to be positive, but even if it breaks a bit, the remaining

money is the profit gained from playing this game. Which is considered to be making money many times better than some types of work that require more patience. Let’s try to study the bet itself,

Bet 6×2,

use a 6-digit Hong Kong lower score as a model, which every online casino always has to see in the game page. We don’t have to take a new score. We can use what the casino provides to manage as a model to start looking for bettors.
The principle of stabbing is to use the first pair of digits as the set as shown in the

picture and start the first set of bets to the opposite. with the set by reading the cards will be read in pairs, yes, the top pair that came out last With the one that will be released next, the set to pp is like the first bet. We bet the opposite, i.e. the comparator is b, we bet p to make it a different pair which is opposite to the first pair. If it will be seen as placing money, it will be as follows.

For example

we will start playing the 8th number using 1-7, which is pp as a set, and start betting on the 8th using the 2nd as an analogy. You will get a way to bet as follows:

1 play200 result +200 bet up play 400 result -400

2 play200 result -200

3 play300 result -300

4 out of tire not thinking (For rows that have a tire set will not play. or out of the tire, we play the next row as usual, considered that the tire is not taken into account)

4 play400 result +400 bet on bank 800 result +760 total profit 1560-1100 = +460 baht
You can continue to bet. Just now, we stabbed through the 14th by starting over at the 15th

1banker200 result +200 bet up play400 Result-400

2play200 Result +200 the 18th number doesn’t play because the comparison is the 19th playing tire play400 Result- 400

3banker300 result +300 the 21st number out of tire, not counting per player 22play600 result +600 total profit 1200-700 = +500 baht

as follows

As for those who have less capital to play baccarat online not enough to go down fully Then try to play 100 each. The amount in the table is divided by two. As for those who think that they want to play with money, they can walk a lot. then put a double money for you, for example, having 7000 baht is not enough to walk the formula Mr. Hua will add money. 14000 baht is enough to walk this formula. Can play very positively, then divide the capital and share the profit in half. I am the only one who has fought for good


It must be said that this online baccarat formula is definitely broken, but the crack is broken after it has been passed. And that is winning, but wanting more, which sometimes we can play with both Khon But if we do not underestimate us once in one khon, it is considered sufficient to win. This must be warned not to be really greedy.

September 7, 2021

Baccarat card circuit

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Those who are about to enter the industry to earn money by playing baccarat. must have seen or heard of the word “Baccarat card circuit” before, of course, but may not understand what it is. or how to use Will it help to make a profit or not? To be honest, yes, but it may not be as good as you think. But at least it should be studied. Because

one of the good gamblers should be able to use all the techniques in the to beat the dealer as much as possible

First of all, what you need to know is Baccarat card circuit It is divided into 2 circuits, the red circuit and the blue circuit. Depending on whether the game is red or blue Which side wins more? and explain further that In playing baccarat in one room will use up to 8 cards for playing for a long time. To use this cycle, you must know the pattern

of all the cards. and the center of the circuit first, for example, if the round you are playing It is a round of the blue circuit. At the end of the cycle, there is a chance that the cards will come out as in the beginning.

For online baccarat techniques to be introduced more is to study Pattern, which has many together. And the period to bet by 1 circuit is divided into 3 periods, namely the first period (not recommended to play) is usually at the game 1-40 in the center period. (Not recommended to play either) is at games 41-50 and the last part is at games 51-

  1. Now we will go back to the pattern in the beginning and how it was designed. and when found The card you are waiting to bet has a pattern that is the same or similar to the circuit in the beginning. Now it’s time to make a profit.

    It is true that it may be difficult for the cards to be issued the same in both the first and second periods. But anything can happen. And this is another technique that can be applied in practice. From the experiments, it was found that many patterns were the same in the beginning. Even if it takes time to remember And it takes some time to

wait. But when mixed with a fixed money walking formula Or the 1-3-2-4 money walk formula, when you see the profit you get, you’re quite happy as well.

Reading the Baccarat Card Circuit May not be suitable for newbies who learn to stab much because it may cause a feeling of difficulty until it may even give up on playing first Therefore, I would like to ask you to start with other formulas or go experience it for a while. Then come back to understand later will be more appropriate. Because this formula will be good. When using a good money walking formula comes to help as well.

September 6, 2021

ฺBest strategy

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This popular baccarat game is becoming more and more popular among gamblers around the world especially Asian gamblers If you want to know how to beat baccarat easily Here are some top strategies that will help you maximize your profits and get the most out of this online baccarat game. by signing up for a free membership with an online casino And can play baccarat games at all. No minimum.

1. Bet on the banker until you lose. This strategy sees the advantage of the game style as The banker’s side is most frequent. Let’s look at the historical statistics of each game. It’s the best chance of winning consecutively. by using this strategy Start by betting on the dealer then continue betting on the banker as long as the dealer still wins. But they won’t always win. Therefore, gamblers must limit your bet limit. so that you don’t lose too much.

2. Player Betting Single player betting is another strategy used by many gamblers. Because how much bet on the player’s side If the bet wins profit only There is no commission deduction like the banker’s bet. But yes will bet on the player’s side throughout the bet Should be stabbed on the player’s side in some moments that are thought to be out By observing the format of the betting game Statistics and decision by

3. Tie a tie bet in baccarat strategy most recommended is to always bet in baccarat game. Although the chances are not always as good as betting on the player or the banker. But always bet with little money. But get a profit of up to 35 times the bet amount If looking at the opportunity to increase money from this point Just place a bet of 10 baht per eye along with the bet between Player or Banker also have the right to guess correctly It is still considered worth the investment.

In all three strategies, this is the basic information that bettors have to decide on which side to bet on. But the most important thing while playing is that gamblers should always be conscious of playing. because there are many players or gamblers Often lacks the sanity to play when losing money. And bet a large number of doubles in the hope of getting the lost money back as a profit which is a very risky way Therefore, you should be conscious of playing every time.

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