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September 8, 2021

6×2 formula the ultimate formula

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Baccarat formula: 6×2 formula, the ultimate formula for making hundreds of thousands of money every day.

This Baccarat formula was inspired by 3×4 that is difficult to play. Let’s manage to suit the original deposit at It is a style of walking up the money at the right time. By using the original currency used in the 3×4 formula as shown in the picture above as a deposit It’s not difficult to run the formula for being upped money to be doubled in a

row. Doing it consistently is also not easy. I must not forget that the formula has Chances are different in every formula. But a good formula emphasizes that it must give players more chances than lose.

This Baccarat Formula Mr. Hua has been playing for quite some time. He can definitely play more than lose because he invested only 13400 baht. Now he took his own capital and left 15,000 profit. baht is ready to continue making profits If we don’t go out of the formula, I think it will continue to be positive, but even if it breaks a bit, the remaining

money is the profit gained from playing this game. Which is considered to be making money many times better than some types of work that require more patience. Let’s try to study the bet itself,

Bet 6×2,

use a 6-digit Hong Kong lower score as a model, which every online casino always has to see in the game page. We don’t have to take a new score. We can use what the casino provides to manage as a model to start looking for bettors.
The principle of stabbing is to use the first pair of digits as the set as shown in the

picture and start the first set of bets to the opposite. with the set by reading the cards will be read in pairs, yes, the top pair that came out last With the one that will be released next, the set to pp is like the first bet. We bet the opposite, i.e. the comparator is b, we bet p to make it a different pair which is opposite to the first pair. If it will be seen as placing money, it will be as follows.

For example

we will start playing the 8th number using 1-7, which is pp as a set, and start betting on the 8th using the 2nd as an analogy. You will get a way to bet as follows:

1 play200 result +200 bet up play 400 result -400

2 play200 result -200

3 play300 result -300

4 out of tire not thinking (For rows that have a tire set will not play. or out of the tire, we play the next row as usual, considered that the tire is not taken into account)

4 play400 result +400 bet on bank 800 result +760 total profit 1560-1100 = +460 baht
You can continue to bet. Just now, we stabbed through the 14th by starting over at the 15th

1banker200 result +200 bet up play400 Result-400

2play200 Result +200 the 18th number doesn’t play because the comparison is the 19th playing tire play400 Result- 400

3banker300 result +300 the 21st number out of tire, not counting per player 22play600 result +600 total profit 1200-700 = +500 baht

as follows

As for those who have less capital to play baccarat online not enough to go down fully Then try to play 100 each. The amount in the table is divided by two. As for those who think that they want to play with money, they can walk a lot. then put a double money for you, for example, having 7000 baht is not enough to walk the formula Mr. Hua will add money. 14000 baht is enough to walk this formula. Can play very positively, then divide the capital and share the profit in half. I am the only one who has fought for good


It must be said that this online baccarat formula is definitely broken, but the crack is broken after it has been passed. And that is winning, but wanting more, which sometimes we can play with both Khon But if we do not underestimate us once in one khon, it is considered sufficient to win. This must be warned not to be really greedy.

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