4 main reasons why US visas fail

It is very shocking that in the second half of 2018, there are students who do not apply for US visas, both tourist visas, and student visas. Some people don’t even know why they didn’t pass. On the day of the interview, just sit for a moment. Passport returned It is very unsettling for many people. First of all, Phi O needs to explain first. Many younger siblings are วีซ่าไทย breaking the rules. Therefore, the US Embassy has a special eye on Thai people. So let’s look at the main reasons one by one

can’t speak English Children, who want to go to America whether traveling Or studying would be confused that Why do you have to speak English? Well, I’m not good at it, so I’m going to study. Go on a trip, use Google Translate, go to another country, I do this. According to the idea of the embassy If you are determined to go, Children must be able to speak. listen to a bit If you can’t speak English, what can you do? And during interviews during this period, most of the embassy will speak English. The more you can’t hear, fuzzy, can’t answer questions 100%, the visa will not pass for sure

The profile is unreliable Afraid that the children will secretly go to work The profile is important. If the children are going to travel But the account has less money, the embassy looks at it. That this person is secretly working, sure, where will this money go? So why would you want to go to America? There are many other countries. Take your passport back first. I walked with my neck and fell out

Your Lie doesn’t match the information that the embassy knows

Many of the youngsters, when interviewing, do not like to tell all the information. or lie that there are no relatives there The embassy is more than Conan. Press one click to know the filling and know all the belly. The more I know that you’re lying The embassy was angry with the younger for a long time. In addition to the visa is not passed, the history that the younger brother lied to is still in the system. Waiting for 10 years, this information is still there, it may lose the opportunity to go to America at all.

Some relatives have violated the rules or is now breaking the rules in America

This item has been hit a lot. My sister went to work illegally over there before. and then she wants to go on a trip and thinks she won’t get hit with it. But no, the embassy is all-inclusive. This is the part where US visas do not go through. But essentially, before applying for a visa, you should prepare and prepare documents well. Now, going to America is not as easy as before, so let’s plan well in advance