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Designed for luxury, keeping the planet in mind.

The Sustainable solution

product benefits

Eco-Friendly, High-Quality Style

Recycled Material

Made from 100% recycled plastic bottles  and recycled yarn

Sustainable Manufacturing

Low water consumption and low-energy machinery using 100% renewable electricity

Luxury Appearance

Exclusive aesthetics, broad selection of colors, and versatile no width constraints

Fully Recyclable

100% mono material, including foam free backing that is that is 100% recyclable

High-Performance Fabric

Enhanced moldability and functionality for headliner, overhead and seating

Automotive Applications

Suitable for headliner, sunshade, pillars, visors, seating and package trays

how it's made

How It's Made

Sustainable Automotive Interior Textile

Composed of 100% recycled plastic bottles, ReNewKnit™ fibers are spun from recycled polyester yarn and finished with a foam-free, recycled fleece backing that further reduces water and energy consumption in the manufacturing process.

Manufactured solely with recycled materials at facilities using 100% renewable electricity, this automotive interior fabric is fully recyclable at its end of life.

ReNewKnit™ is a premium sueded material with a wide range of surfaces suitable for various interior vehicle applications with improved functionality.

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